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Funded in part by The Culture Health, Arts, Sports and Education Fund (CHASE) Riots and Rebellion is a digitized collection of resources from the National Library of Jamaica. The collection brings together resources related to two landmark events in Jamaica’s history:


  • 1831 Sam Sharpe Rebellion / Baptist War (Books, Newspapers, Serials, Pamphlets, Official Documents, Maps, Photographs, Prints)
  • 1865 Morant Bay Rebellion (Books, Newspapers, Serials, Official Documents, Maps, Photographs, Prints)


Riots and Rebellion is the first digital collection developed by the National Library of Jamaica; other digital collections are forthcoming. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions for digital collections and invite you to contact us at

1831 Sam Sharpe Rebellion/Baptist War



Abbott, Reverend Thomas F.
A Narrative of Certain Events Connected with the Late Disturbances in Jamaica, and the Charges Preferred Against the Baptist Missionaries in that Island: Being the Substance of a Letter to the Secretary of the Baptist Missionary Society, dated March 13, 1832. London: Holdsworth and Ball, St. Paul’s Churchyard and Wightman, 1832.

The Baptist Missionaries.
A Narrative of Recent Events Connected with the Baptist Mission in this Island. Kingston,1833.

Bleby, Rev. Henry.
Death Struggles of Slavery: Being a Narrative of Facts and Incidents, which occurred in a British Colony, during the Two Years Immediately Preceding Negro Emancipation. London: Hamilton, Adams and Co., 1853.

Bleby, Rev. Henry.
Scenes in the Caribbean Sea: Being Sketches from a Missionary’s Note Book. London: Hamilton, Adams and Co., 1854.

Bleby, Rev. Henry.
Speech of Rev. Henry Bleby, Missionary from Barbados, on the Results of Emancipation in the British Colonies, Delivered at the Celebration of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society held at Island Grove, Abington, July 31st, 1858. Boston: R. F. Wallcut, 1858.

Blythe, Rev. George.
Reminiscences of Missionary Life, with Suggestions to Churches and Missionaries. Edinburgh: William Oliphant & Sons, 1851.

Buchner, J. H.
The Moravians in Jamaica. History of the Mission of the United Brethren’s Church to the Negroes in the Island of Jamaica, from the Year 1754 to 1854. London: Longman, Brown & Co., 1854.

Duncan, Rev. Peter.
A Narrative of the Wesleyan Mission to Jamaica; with Occasional Remarks on the State of Society in that Colony. London: Partridge and Oakey, 1849.

Grignon, Colonel William Stanford.
Vindication of the Conduct of Colonel Grignon and of the Western Interior Regiment Under His Command during the Rebellion of 1831 and 1832. Jamaica: Office of the St. Jago Gazette, 1833.

Knibb, Reverend William.
Facts and Documents Connected with the Late Insurrection in Jamaica, and the Violations of Civil and Religious Liberty Arising out of It. London: Teape and Son, 1832?

Knibb, Reverend William.
Defence of the Baptist Missionaries from the Charge of Inciting the late Rebellion in Jamaica; in a Discussion between the Reverend William Knibb and Mr. P. Borthwick, at the Assembly Rooms, Bath, On Saturday, December 15, 1833. 2nd edition. London: Tourist Office, 1832




Great Britain Government, House of Commons 
Jamaica : Slave insurrection : returns to two addresses to His Majesty, dated 10 & 18 April, 1832. London : House of Commons, 1832.

Great Britain Government, House of Commons 
Jamaica : Slave insurrection : Copy of the Report of a Committee of the House of Assembly of Jamiaca appointed to inquire into the Cause of, and injury sustained by the recent Rebellion in that Colony. London : House of Commons, 1832


Maps, Photographs, Prints


A View of Montego Bay from Reading Hill. Print

Duperly, Adolphe. “Rebellion in the Island of Jamaica: the Attack of the Rebels on Monpelier Old Works Estate in the Parish of St. James.” Print. January 1832.

Duperly, Adolphe . “The Destruction of Roehampton Estate in the Parish of St. James.” Print. January 1832.

Duperly, Adolphe. “A View of Montego Bay from Reading Hill: The Rebels Destroying the Road, Reading Wharf in Flame.” Print. January 1833.

The Hon. Samuel (Sam) Sharpe – National hero. Print

Morris, Cunningham and Woolridge. Plan of the parish of St. James together with a part of the parishes of Hanover, Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth… London: J. Gardner, March 1832.

Rev. William Knibb: Baptist Missionary in Jamaica, 1825-1845. Print [1838].

1865 Morant Bay Rebellion




** “Blue Books on Jamaica” (not to be confused with Blue Books of Jamaica [J242]).
972.9204 Ja Coc

Bleby, Henry.
The Reign of Terror: a Narrative of Facts Concerning Ex-Governor Eyre, George William Gordon and the Jamaica Atrocities. London: William Nichols, 1868

***Buxton, Charles, M. P.
The Case Against Governor Eyre Collected from Official Documents.
O972.9204 Ja Bux (Book Floor)

Cockburn, Frederick, Esq. (ed.).
Charge of the Lord Chief Justice of England to the Grand Jury at the Central Criminal Court, in the Case of the Queen Against Nelson and Brand. Taken from the Shorthand Writer’s Notes, Revise & Corrected by the Lord Chief Justice, with Occasional Notes. London: William Ridgway, 1867.

Finlason, W. F., Esquire.
Justice to a Colonial Governor; or, Some Considerations on the Case of Mr. Eyre: Containing the Substance of All the Documents, Discussions, and Proceedings Relating Thereto. London: Chapman and Hall, 1868.

Finlason, W. F., Esquire.
A History of the Jamaica Case, Founded upon Official or Authentic Documents and Containing an Account of the Debates in Parliament, and the Criminal Prosecutions, Arising out of the Case. London: Chapman and Hall, 1869.

Fletcher, Rev. Duncan.
The Life of the Honourable George W. Gordon, the Martyr of Jamaica. 2nd ed. London: Elliott stock, 1867.

Fletcher, Rev. Duncan.
Personal Reflections of the Honourable George W. Gordon, Late of Jamaica. London: Elliott Stock, 1867.

***“The Outbreak at St. Thomas in the East. W. J. Gardner.
972.92 Ja Gar

Gorrie, John.
Jamaica Papers No. VI – Illustrations of Martial Law in Jamaica; compiled from the Report of the Royal Commissioners, and other Blue Books Laid Before Parliament. London: Jamaica Committee, 1867

***H. R. The Insurrection in Jamaica.
972.9204 Ja Ins

Harrison, Frederic.
Jamaica Papers No. V – Martial Law. Six Letters to “The Daily News”. London: The Jamaica Committee, 1867.

Hume, Hamilton.
The Life of Edward John Eyre Late Governor of Jamaica. London: Richard Bentley, 1867.

Addresses to His Excellency Edward John Eyre, Esquire, etc., 1865, 1866. Kingston: M. DeCordova & Co., Printers, 1866.

Jamaica Committee.
Jamaica Papers No. I – Facts and Documents Relating to the Alleged Rebellion in Jamaica; Including Notes of the Trial of Mr. Gordon. London: Jamaica Committee, 1866.

Jamaica Committee.
Jamaica Papers No. III – Statement of the Committee and Other Documents. London: Jamaica Committee, 1867.

Jamaica Committee.
Jamaica Papers No. VII – Report of the Proceedings at Row Street Police Court, on the Committal of Colonel Nelson and Lieutenant Brand, for the Murder of Mr. G.W. Gordon. London: Jamaica Committee, 1867.

Papers Relative to the Affairs of Jamaica
. London: George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode, 1865.

Pim, Commander Bedford.
The Negro and Jamaica, Read Before the Anthropological Society of London, February 1, 1866, at St. James’s Hall, London. London: Trübner and Co., 1866.

Richards, Rev. Henry.
The Troubles in Jamaica: a Condensed Statement of Facts. London: Jackson, Walford & Hodder, 1866.

Underhill, Edward Bean, LL.D.
Dr. Underhill’s Letter: a Letter Addressed to the Rt. Honourable E. Cardwell, with Illustrative Documents on the Condition of Jamaica and an Explanatory Statement. London: Arthur Miall, 1865.

Ward, Samuel R.

Reflections upon the Gordon Rebellion. 1866.