National Digital Library Services for the Blind- NDLSB - The National Library of Jamaica

National Digital Library Services for the Blind- NDLSB

Welcome to the National Digital Library Service for the Blind (NDLSB). This is a portal created by the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ) for blind persons and the sighted persons who assist them.

The NDLSB portal dramatically increases the accessibility of books. NDLSB believes that Jamaicans with disabilities deserve the same ease of access to books and periodicals that people without disabilities enjoy.

Digital Talking Books

Digital Talking Books inside this portal contain titles created by the National Library of Jamaica. Some titles have been made available to us by our global partners participating in the Trusted Intermediary Globally Accessible Resources (TIGAR) portal.

The resources within this portal are restricted to persons registered as Blind with the Jamaica Society for the Blind

The TIGAR Project

The National Library of Jamaica is now part of an established network of trusted intermediaries (TIs) that are exchanging electronic files of books across borders in accessible formats in a systemized manner using an agreed framework for copyright clearance.

Vision 2030 Jamaica



DAISY 4 /EPUB3: What Does It All Mean?

End Users/Consumers

Many end users who read DAISY books are limited by what is available to them from their library. They should be able to borrow or purchase accessible content from a wide variety of sources, just as most of the population does.The book famine that has plagued people who have a print disability for so long, will begin to be alleviated. Read More 

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This website offers access to over 80,000 downloadable audio books. Read More

Visually Impaired included in Copyright Act

Visually Impaired included in the Copyrght Act. Cabinet by way of cabinet decision 16/11 dated April 11, 2011 has given approval for ammendment to the copyright Act to reflect. Read More 

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