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Jamaican National Bibliography (JNB)

The JNB aims to list all materials published in Jamaica, works by Jamaicans published outside of the country, as well as works about Jamaica, to describe each work in detail, and to give the subject matter of each work.

The Jamaica National Bibliography is a publication of the National Library of Jamaica. Please select the year to view.

Jamaica National Bibliography 1962-2012(JNB50)

The National Library of Jamaica, whose mandate is to collect, catalogue and preserve the nation’s publications and to make these items available for study and research, is pleased to introduce to the public through this medium The Jamaican National Bibliography 1962-2012 (JNB50), produced to commemorate Jamaica’s 50th anniversary as an independent nation. This bibliography seeks to list material published in the country, material authored by its citizens and about the country, regardless of place of publication. This volume represents the Classified Section arranged numerically by Dewey Decimal Classification numbers and the Subject Index which is arranged alphabetically according to the Library of Congress Subject Headings list. The Author / Title Index is now complete and available below.