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How to Access the Audio-Visual Collection

The Audio-Visual Department receives numerous requests, from both local and overseas enquirers, for information from its collections. The preparatory work involved in processing most of these queries is time-consuming. Therefore it is advised that requests be placed ahead of scheduled use to facilitate re-packaging.


Persons wishing to access items from the audio-visual collections is required to complete and submit the prescribed Audio-Visual Request Form, which states explicitly what information is needed and for what purpose. This is very important because it allows the Department to research and schedule appointments for any clients who wish to listen or view on site.

The established procedure for obtaining items from the collection is to:

1.Download and complete the requisite form, outlining the nature of the request. Completed forms may be handed in or emailed to
2.Ensure that accurate contact information is provided.
3.Allow two weeks for the query to be processed – Rush work can be considered.
4.Please note that there are charges attached to this service (Fees).
5.Indicate willingness to comply with Conditions for Use of the Material by signing the agreement document.

Follow procedures stated in the document:

After the query has been processed and the conditions have been fulfilled, the item can be duplicated for distribution. These terms are included in the agreement document. One of the conditions is that a copy of the finished product in which the information was used be deposited with the Library.

Although the National Library attempts to collect all Jamaican audio-visual items the public may not have access to everything because there are specific conditions attached to some non-commercial items. These include specific terms of agreement between the National Library of Jamaica and each donor concerning usage of the donation. The terms of each donation will specify whether the material should be made available for research, study and/or duplication and dissemination. These terms must be considered prior to making any contractual arrangement with persons who request items.

Application for reproduction of materials in print and other medium must be made in writing.


Audio-Visual Request Form