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Our Departments

Acquisitions Department

The main objectives of the Acquisitions Department are to acquire:

  • All material (print, non-print and electronic) published, issued or produced in Jamaica
  • Items published or produced by Jamaicans living abroad
  • Items published or produced abroad about Jamaica or Jamaicans

What types of materials are to be voluntarily deposited?

The Legal Deposit Act, 2002 states that “library matter of any kind, nature and description and includes any document, paper, record, tape or other thing published by a national publisher” should be deposited.

How many copies are to be deposited?

* Two (2) copies of printed document
* One (1) copy of an audiovisual document

Department Contact:           Ms. Treveann Harris

The Acquisitions Department also has the responsibility for the administration of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) programme and the  management of the Legal Deposit System.

To apply for an ISBN click here

Audio-Visual and Micrographics Department

The Audio-Visual and Micrographics Department is the newest department at the National Library of Jamaica. It aims to identify, collect, provide access, preserve and maintain the social, cultural and market value of the nation’s heritage of sound and moving images resources.

The Department also manages the microfilming of Jamaican newspapers and the supply of prints from microfilm.

Since 2002, the Audio-Visual Department has undertaken to digitize aspects of its holdings to facilitate access to its wealth of archival sound recordings. The major challenge in digitizing the audio collection is the lack of functional playback reel-to-reel equipment (especially one with two tracks) to access the data on these carriers.


Department Contact:   
Ms. Yulande Lindsay

Cataloguing Department

The Cataloguing Department is charged with the responsibility of executing the following tasks:

  1. Organizing the collections of the National Library of Jamaica through cataloguing and classifying the print, non-print and online resources to facilitate speedy and effective retrieval and ensuring the accuracy, and completeness of the Online and Card Catalogues.
  2. Publishing the Jamaica National Bibliography
  3. Providing Cataloguing-In-Publication (CIP) data as requested by publishers
  4. Assignment of the International Standard Serial Number(s) (ISSN) to periodicals/magazine publishers


Department Contact:
Mrs. Maxine Jones

Information Network Systems Department

Responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the library’s databases, Local Area Network and the coordination and development of a computer based information network of libraries. Provides consultancy services related to CDS/ISIS.

Department Contact:    
Mr. Wayne Walker

Finance & Accounts

Manages all the financial systems of the library and ensures that regulations and guidelines of the FAA Act are adhered to.

Department Contact: 

Mrs. Karren Leslie

Human Resource Management & Administration

Responsible for the planning, directing and coordinating of personnel services, maintenance of buildings/properties and general office management services.Department Contact:     

Mrs. Dionne Moiten

Research and Information Department

Receives and processes all requests for information from clients/users of the library.  Research is carried out for local and overseas users. The department also manages the creation of digital surrogate and digital collections.
Department Contact:   
Ms. Bernadette Worrell

Special Collections & Conservation

 Responsible for the preservation and conservation of the library’s irreplaceable collections as well as for the management of these items (manuscripts, microfilms, maps, newspapers, prints).
Department Contact:
Mrs. Yvonne Clarke