The Hon. Mr. Justice Edward Zacca (1931 - ) - The National Library of Jamaica

The Hon. Mr. Justice Edward Zacca (1931 - )

Edward Zacca was born on July 26, 1931 to Wadie Zacca and Angel Shoucair. Edward Zacca married to Hope Margaret, the daughter of George Haddad (J.P. and Merchant) on October 19, 1958. They shared two children Christopher and Karen.

He attended Kingston  College from 1941 – 1947 and was called to the Bar in Middle Temple, London on February 9,  1954. From 1952 – 53 he was the President of the Hans Crescent Colonial Students’ Residence. On June 29, 1954, Zacca was admitted to practice and was appointed Clerk of Courts January 1958. He became Acting Registrate Magistrate for St. Catherine, RM for St. Mary and St. James(1960-65) and RM for St. Andrew (1965-1968).

On January 2, 1985, he was sworn in as Chief Justice of Jamaica by Sir Florizel Glaspole at Kings House where he pledge to carry out his duties without partiality, fear or favour. Zacca step up to the Privy Council when he was accepted by the UK Privy Council on September 1, 1992 to one of its members. Zacca was the fourth Caribbean Chief Justice to be appointed to the Privy Council and the first from Jamaica.  Here he was not allowed to sit on any appeal being heard from Jamaica but will be eligible to do so for appeals from other Caribbean and Commonwealth countries.

Edward Zacca was known for enjoying all types of outdoor sports and have been affiliated to several clubs.  He retired on July 25, 1996 after giving thirty eight years in the judicial service.