About JAMLIN - The National Library of Jamaica


The Jamaica Libraries and Information Network (JAMLIN) formerly the National Information System (NATIS) comprises libraries, archives, information and documentation units, which collect documents and publications in all formats (print, audiovisual and electronic) and make these available to satisfy the information needs of the nation.

The sub-systems that form JAMLIN collaborate with each other to:

  • ensure speedy access to information;
  • provide for sharing;
  • ensure that these institutions are fully integrated into the country’s National Information Infrastructure.

The National Library of Jamaica has appointed a committee to serve as an advisory body on the development and coordination of JAMLIN.

The advisory committee consist of the:

  • Heads of the Jamaica Archives and Records Department, the Jamaica Library Service and the University of the West Indies, Mona;
  • The Coordinators of the sectoral networks;
  • Representatives from the key ministries of Education; Industry, Commerce and Investment and the Information and
  • Telecommunications Division, Prime Minister’s Office. These ministries have responsibilities for areas such as telecommunications, media and human resource development which are critical in the building of the country’s Library Information Infrastructure.

 How to participate in JAMLIN

Participation in JAMLIN is facilitated by being a member one of the sectoral networks. Sectoral Networks and their focal point/ coordinating library are:

  • College Libraries Information Network – Calvin McKain Library, University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Government Libraries Information Network and Associates – Wesley Hughes Documentation Centre

 The Role of the National Library of Jamaica

The National Library of Jamaica through the National Library of Jamaica Act, has been assigned the responsibility of coordinating the development of the JAMLIN. Specifically, the National Library has been mandated to:

  • Coordinate and advise the Government on the continued development the Jamaica Libraries and Information Network
  • in order “to ensure the orderly growth and development of the Networks which comprise JAMLIN”;
  • Collaborate with the Jamaica Archives and Records Department to develop policies and standards for proper management of information resources in the new electronic environment” in order “to ensure standardization and authenticity”;
  • Co-ordinate and facilitate the development of sectoral library networks;
  • Provide for co-operation between public libraries, school libraries, tertiary education institution libraries, private libraries, museums and the Jamaica Archives and Records Department;
  • Develop a National Bibliographic Database and facilitate access thereto;
  • Promote, by agreement amongst the library networks, the maintenance of the National Bibliographic Database;
  • Develop and promote national standards for the operation of libraries and the processing and delivery of information.